4-legged regulation

Your furry friends are important to us. there is nothing more beautiful than to give you and them the space and care necessary for a truly relaxing stay.

A nice Welcome pet gift will be given to all the puppies to allow them to settle in a space with unknown smells and colours. A water bowlhygienic sleeperhygienic bags, vegetarian or classic dry food are available for your four-legged friends.

Moreover, with a small additional fee we can make special meals for your pets; tasty and light dishes, with rice, beef or chicken and a mix of boiled vegetables.

Those who want the “practical and fast” choice will find at the reception FOOD FOR DOGS, a choice that will make it even easier to take care of your pets. These comfortable boxes, which provide a healthy and balanced meal, you can use them in any place and even outside the hotel, without any worries or fatigue, you will have delicious food always at his disposal.

Our reception desk will be able to give advice on dog sitters, vets, parks for walking, toilets and beaches.


Happy holidays to all!