The Suites of Casa Riva

Forget the usual hotel. Casa Riva is a completely new and different way to experience Riccione, immersed in design and the scent of the sea that you will always have in front of your eyes.

A small villa with 4 units yet to be inaugurated, privileged spaces where the furnishings, materials used, and home decor details reflect a livable luxury, precious but always elegantly understated.

Plenty of white to reflect the natural light, a privilege of the location, wood to warm the atmosphere, and touches of color to personalize every space.

All suites feature a private Jacuzzi to ensure guests moments of absolute relaxation in every season of the year.

The proximity of Casa Riva to the Maestrale hotel will allow guests to enjoy all the services of the boutique hotel, from breakfast to dinner, which in the beautiful season will be served on the veranda or in the garden, amidst the lush greenery of the morning and the starry skies of summer evenings.